Hi i am from Sweden i meet Dita when i went to Barcelona to see football together with same business friends .I called here to say i Will be late my friend what go on disco. She said me no problem call me when u back at hotel. I called at 3 o¨clock and she arrived 30min later. She looked absolutly stunning i could not stop myself from start kissing here in the elevator. at the time we come to the room i was so horny i could die. She ask me what a like i Said i want to be fucked. After we had same incredible sex for one hour and after taken shower and talking a bit ask if could stay the night. When i woke up by here side i felt like the happiest man on earth. We order breakfast chat a little and ask if could see here again. We agreed i call her after the football . So i did. My expectations where sky high. But she didnt disipoint me she was even Moore stunning and charming compere to our first meeting. So we start undress when she took me by suprise she handcuffing me. Then she bend me over and start fucking me with gieshaballs Then with a dildo and lastly with here Cock i haved never felt so satisfied and used like A slut and satisfaid in My hole life and she Maid it feel normal . So Dita u are in My heart forever the sweden

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